Sunday, 22 November 2009

Blog from the Bog

Well Winters here and that used to mean 3ft of snow, cold feet and an endless supply of old leather boots to chew on in case the larder emptied. Now all we expect is 3 litres of rain every week. I think i could make paper from the logs that are readied to keep us warm.The Garden resembles a bog and the small pond a lake, still at least everythings down hill from here, literally as i live in a farm house perched at the head of a Tolkienesk dale. Its just one of many farms that no longer produce food or wool, like some that replaced bare lightbulbs and open ranges for down lights and Aga's but the rain creeps in and the wind rattles the old sash windows and most days smoke billows from the stone chimney except during the heady 2 weeks of Summer. It is however the place i love with all my heart and more importantly the inspiration behind all my work as an Artist. As friends would attest and as this is my first blog, my tendancy to ramble is rather like a drinker who hasn't visited a pub for a while so i'll say that Iam looking forward to making new friends, sharing my creative endevours, talkng of life here in the Northern hinterland with its wonderful wildlife and rich history and of course the eternal problem of making a living from art in the country. Let me be the first to welcome myself to the world of blogging. Please feel free to comment on any of my Paintings or Leather work .


  1. You dont mess around ! We were only discussing this a few hours ago ! Looking forward to many tales from the wilderness.

  2. Love the site Mark and will follow with intent.
    Love Mary (Your number one fan!)