Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hobnobbing with Royalty

On the 21st of July, His Royal Highness Prince Edward, opened the 'Forge Studios and Art Gallery' in Allendale. I was commissioned to produce a journal cover to mark this special occasion and as way of a thank you and as a memory of a wonderful day. The Journal represented a months work and was Hand carved and painted and is entitled 'All the beautiful creatures of the North'. It references the fauna and wildlife that can be seen locally. The inside plates details the Royal crest of Wessex and the flag of Northumberland in the form of butterflies. During the five minutes or so that I spent with the Prince, he showed a keen interest in the craft of leather carving and expressed his delight in receiving the gift, promising to use it regularly. As a member of the 'Forge' project my work, both carved leather and paintings can be seen throughout the year in Allendale.
All in all a perfect day.


  1. Your work is astonishingly beautiful. I am in love with the two pieces below: "A Wing And A Prayer" and "The Strange Effect Of Light. Just unbelievable.

  2. Thank You Linny for your kind words

  3. Beautiful work and obviously well received. Congratulations Mark.