Wednesday, 16 July 2014


I'm still the same since you last saw me, I haven't grown up at all. I've matured regrettably sideways, so my stomach is no longer small! My eyes still penetrate beauty, though the view is often quite blurred. I furthermore drink too much whiskey, so my reason is frequently slurred. I seldom if ever crash parties, It's 'Strictly went Dancing' these days, I'm trying to break all my habits, still my will power usually strays. My hair is longer than ever, though lamentably becoming quite grey, my skin colour generally changes but mostly I'm pasty like clay. I have not changed, I'm so the same, for those that haven't seen me. I slide down hills and climb the walls, admittedly with frailty. So picture me, as I was when, I was young and fine....... If my brain and memory lasts, then I shall roll back time!