Monday, 1 September 2014

'Come sit awhile' by MR

I Left this Note for You.
I waited truly, for some time, 
hoping you'd arrive.
On partners trust and faith,
my whereabouts contrived.
Our meeting and my presence here
carved with callous guile.
The promise of a face to face,
the forecast of a smile.
I waited long, exhausting grounds
for why you would be stalled!
This is the place we meant to meet,
that certainty recalled.
I stuck around for you to come
no longer self contained.
My gift to you, was being here,
my grasp of you sustained.
Watching passers-by, not knowing
that I was so dejected .
Had second thoughts or moral taste
left all our plans rejected?
I waited long, into the day,
past the time agreed.
This wooden bench our liferaft,
our green light to proceed.

I waited, waited for so long,
I counted on your figure.
This seat is weary too,
tired of its sitter.
I left a trial of breath,
that you may follow fast.
I am hoping you catch up to me,
Loves intermission past.


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