Wednesday, 20 August 2014

'Bringing Home Bacon'
Bacon, bacon please be mine.
I love my pig .... the swines divine!
From bacon back, the flank and snout,
if kitchens bare of Ham I'll shout,
'What on earth am I to do'?
Without some salty rind to chew.
So find a pig, some naked pork,
a streaky friend that I may fork!
In a pan to fry with virgin oil
or under grill so I may broil,
a hefty slice, a rasher grand,
please Butcher be my helping hand.
I'll share with you a trotters deal
to eat some hog with every meal.
I'll cross your palm with gold so bright
that your pigs display be out of sight,
from patrons that might relish swine,
so that I alone might only dine
on favoured  sow or swill fat boar
from sty to market, then Butchers store.
If you think that I'll hog the show,
your right to worry that I may grow,
to such a size ...... just wait and see,
that I am the pig deluxe, a porker BLT.
Of all the meats you sold to me,my fav',
the noble sausage,
my hearts desire, that 'banger' lust
may form a lardy blockage!
Should I succumb to fattened veins,
grunt my last refrain,
to you I leave my body parts ......
let science have my brain.
Place me on your Butchers block .....
one to hold a slob,
pack stuffing up my my backside,
cram crab apple in my gob.

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