Wednesday, 13 August 2014


If ever your in Northumberland, in and around the small village of Allenheads try to discover if Phil Ogg is playing and singing. You will be in for a treat. For me Phil is one the best  poetical Guitarists/ songwriters around. Buy him a pint and he may talk to you of Poetry, Music and small kindness's that are the trade mark of this extraordinary Artist.

from this seat I am the archer
the quiet catalyst
a watcher at the gateway
the figure who insists

that all who come acknowledge
the triple headed fiend
whose beady eye is fixed this way
and in the sulphur gleams

with toothy grin and hydra hair
a grizzly bulbous brow
whose gaze I match most every night
before I climb the stairs to slough

mundanity and duty
and take the reaching hand
of an angel in the darkness
by the name of Sand -y- man

and while I drift with Morpheus
to the cry of owl and grouse
the fiend's a friend, a guardian
at the portal of this house

Phil Ogg 2014 

You can see him perform with other greats, follow the link below.

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