Sunday, 10 August 2014

publish and be loved

Hooray...I am happy to say that for some time now I have been working on a collection of children's poems. It is so satisfying to free ones mind of the pressures and everyday worries that 'grown ups' endure. To explore a time when the Box hedge was a giant Redwood and caterpillars were snakes and our swollen stream the mighty Nile. I was delighted to have my poem 'This seats Reserved' accepted for publication  in the anthology 'Poems For Children', published in October by 'Forward Poetry'. Such a wonderful new way to express what I see and feel....I need a brand new gigantic pair of specs.

This Seats Reserved
This garden seats reserved, so please move on,
don't give your feet a rest.
It's not for you, but border Snails,
some Beetles and their guests.
Move on! don't sit, this seats reserved
for all the garden beasties,
they've signed accords to eat just fruit,
the Spider chaired the treaty.
Some orchard Plums and cherry ripe
are entrees for their feast,
they even eat the pips and stones,
the seeds on winds released.
Move on! don't sit, they're like the birds,
they scoff their snacks quite early,
for if you sit, you'll squash the lot,
their garden gate be pearly.
"Move on", I say, this seats reserved for
insects to have luncheon,
for Roses foe, invited Gnat, it's
Aphids private function.
If your standing reading this and
think the seat is vacant ....remember that
the last to eat are Mites, their
presence latent.
On cloudy days, DO take a pew and
rest your weary feet,
please cover up and wear some cream,
you could be Midges sweet!
So best to let these living bugs
have their meal in joy,
don't interrupt .....keep walking on,
this bench is their Savoy.

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